Books and articles:

Compilation of the book Invisible Inside / Cognitive Psychology / Golnar Qasimi / Winter 2019

Critique of the existing invisible collections inside, in the Italian magazine Juliet (Juliet)

Publication of Art Economics / Shadow Art Magazine / Issue 19 / December 2017

Invisible book reviews in magazines

The focus of Lyon, France

Observica Canada

And the online section of Juliet’s Italian Magazine


Specialized courses:

Painting and different techniques in painting and collage and the use of different materials / Mohammad Khalili

Design of Refaza form / Mohammad Hossein Emad

Aesthetics, Art History, Feminism / Hamid Souri

History of Sculpture / Heliodarabi

Illustration and work with different materials in volume making / Peyman Rahimizadeh

Painting and design course with different materials and techniques / Professor Ardalan

Volume making workshop / Master of Islam

Design and sculpture / objective master

History of Art / Professor Sami Azar